50% Off DesignEvo Coupon Codes and discount

DesignEvo is an online platform that allows you to easily and simply build and customise professional logos without any complicated steps. There are more than 7,000 templates available. Undoubtedly, you will find a logo that meets your needs. Notice that the site allows you to fully customise the chosen logo, so that you get a unique look. Each feature of the logo can be personalised by a multitude of possibilities. Just customise it to fit your website, application, company, organisation, or even your Facebook page. DesignEvo also offers millions of icons and fonts designed to move the logo to a new level.

A great feature of this site is that you can use it conveniently without having to download programmes or create an account. If you’ve finished your logo, you can get it in a high-quality SVG and PNG print or online format. Before you update, you can preview what the logo would look like in various locations.


50% Off DesignEvo Coupon Codes


Phase 1
First, go to DesignEvo using our page, and it will automatically make you eligible to enter into a deal. Then press the Free Logo button to start designing your first logo.


Phase 2


This will open the page to design the logo. You’ll find loads of pre-designed logos classified as common and different categories. Only click on any logo to start customising it to your needs.


Phase 3


If you click the logo, you will be required to fill in the Logo Name and Slogan and click the Get Started icon. Both fields are optional, so you can skip the loop simply by pressing the Skip button.

Phase 4


You can now customise your logo to match your brand on this page. Adjust the font, incorporate icons, shapes, and backgrounds. When you are pleased with the final result, press the Download button at the right.


Phase 5

After you press the Download button, you will be asked to select the Basic or Plus kit for your logo. The distinction between them is that the Plus kit comes with additional vector files (PDF, SVG), font files, and copyright. Select Choose to go further. You can see that the 50% discount is already added to the amount.

Phase 6


The sign-up and login popup will open. Sign up for a new DesignEvo account or log in to a current one if you have it. You can also use Facebook and Google to sign up in a single click without entering any information.

Phase 7


Finally, you’re going to be landed on the checkout tab. Only click on a coupon? Link and enter our coupon code DesignEvo; DESIGNEVO10OFF

Click the Redeem button and the discount will be applied.

Now pick the payment option on the right and add your payment info. You can pay by card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) or PayPal as of now.

After that, press Pay and Download Now to complete your order.